Address network convergence challenges with the Moxa ICS-G7000 series

Address network convergence challenges with the Moxa ICS-G7000 series

Overview - The evolution of network convergence in IIoT

Adopting an IIoT network infrastructure that connects multiple sensors (things) to system devices will allow IIoT applications to acquire, compute and transfer large amounts of data with a view to automatically improving areas such as overall performance, operational efficiency, reliability and productivity. Network convergence is a term used to refer to the coexistence of multiple networks (video transmission, telephone network and data communication) within a single network. As we see network convergence evolving, network developers can be faced with some major challenges.

The demand for bandwidth is possibly one of the most critical challenges for large scale industrial networks as the management of multiple applications and services begin to place a burden on the single network.  As these applications become increasingly sophisticated and users exchange progressively rich data, converged network resources may start to get overwhelmed.  Data may come in many forms, and as the amount of connected devices increases, the demand to effectively transmit these data upsurges, especially with the combination of data, voice, and video- consequently requires high performance and high reliability.

For that reason the spotlight is on both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) departments to jointly consider whether their current network infrastructure is up to the challenge, which raises the bar for OT/IT to implement and maintain a robust, stable and secure IIoT network with enough bandwidth to support these often mission critical applications and essential redundancy built in to the network ensuring continuous operation during unforeseen failure.

Efficient network convergence therefore relies on suitable hardware to support the capacity, performance and reliability of the industrial applications.  

With this in mind, organisations looking to improve the management of their converged networks through the adoption of Managed Ethernet Devices might want to consider the Moxa ICS-G7000 Series since the product range supports Layer 3 routing functionality to facilitate the deployment of various applications, solving the issues of converged networks and making this product range ideal for large scale Industrial IIoT networks.

Moxa ICS-G7000 series - Product overview

The Moxa ICS-G7000 series is a range of modular Managed Ethernet Switches, which includes the ICS-G7848AICS-G7850A,  ICS-G7852A and ICS-G7750A . Their full Gigabit capability increases bandwidth to provide high performance, and the ability to quickly transfer large amounts of data making them perfect for industrial applications like process control and transportation automation. These fanless switches support redundancy protocols like Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, and RSTP/STP, and come with an isolated redundant power supply to increase system reliability and network backbone availability.

Customers looking for greater flexibility from their managed industrial Ethernet switches will find the ICS-G7000 series the perfect solution, since their full Gigabit backbone modular design makes network planning easier and allows for greater flexibility by enabling hassle free future expansion with installation of up to 48x Gigabit Ethernet ports and up to four 10Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Product highlights

•    Up to 52 optical fibre connections (SFP slots)
•    Up to 48 PoE+ ports with external power supply (with IM-G7000A-4PoE module)
•    Fanless -10°C to 60°C wide operating temperature range
•    Hot swap interface and power modules for continuous operation
•    Isolated redundant power inputs with universal 110/220V AC power supply range
•    Supports MXstudio for easy, visualized industrial network management
•    V-ON™ ensures millisecond-level multicast data and video network recovery

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