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We supply a huge range of industrial Ethernet switches, allowing our customers to create resilient, security integrated redundant networks. We partner with world leading vendors like Moxa and Advantech to provide high-quality unmanaged to Layer 3 Managed core switches with a host of devices certified for specialist markets, and our networking specialists can advise on how to implement features like redundancy, management software and security so that you can get the most out of your network.
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In IIoT applications, particularly in manufacturing, running cables is often costly and disruptive so a reliable wireless solution is desirable. Impulse have a range of wireless access points, clients and bridges for demanding industrial environments and market specific applications. Whether you are doing something as complex as train to ground communications, to connecting a serial based CNC machine to your factory network we can advise on the best solution for your individual needs.
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Industrial M2M and IoT applications require secure, stable communications for management and data collection. Devices such as ATMs, ticket kiosks, traffic controllers, smart meters and process controllers all benefit from cellular communication via routers and gateways. As higher bandwidth applications such as IP CCTV become more and more remote, smart LTE routers with multiple network connections and I/O come into their own. Impulse have a unique set of products allowing integrators and asset owns to connect and manage all their Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Serial devices via 2G/3G/4G and beyond.
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SIM Cards
Building IIoT solutions is complex so where necessary we partner with specialist companies to give us more options for you. Working with Wireless Logic ensures we can pre-qualify our hardware with both public and private IP SIM cards to help qualify which data contract will be required. We can create VPN tunnels to end devices through private network infrastructure increasing security and we can manage all global SIMs from a single platform even when the SIM base is on multiple carriers.
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Tens of thousands of people rely on our Ethernet Switches every weekend to hear scores announced in football grounds across the country.

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