Remote GPU System Benchmarking

For Edge AI Projects

Deploy your AI project at the edge

Test your code on our GPU computing systems before buying project hardware

You've trained your model, written your application code and now you want to make the leap and deploy your system at the edge. You want to choose a hardware platform that scales with your target customers, that's adaptable to your target environments and that won't cause your development costs to spiral during the the hardware selection and testing process. If this sounds familiar, then our Remote Benchmarking service could be just what you are looking for.

Make educated decisions

1. Login to our lab-based development systems

Our technical team will give you credentials to login to our test systems remotely. You are then free to deploy your code onto any one of our systems to understand which platform will be most suitable for your next project. This will save you time and money in the hardware selection process and allow faster time to market, enabling you to react to your customers demands quickly and efficiently.


2. test your code on multiple devices

At Impulse we have access to a whole range of development systems, from the entry level Jetson Nano through to the latest AGX Orin and servers capable of housing multiple GPU cards.

Having the opportunity to test your AI code on our range of platforms saves time and money and gives you the insight into what device works best. Whether for your current requirement, or for future projects that may differ in terms of scale or individual requirements, we can help you find the right hardware.


3. Migrate to a rugged platform

With the knowledge you have gained by testing multiple GPU's, you are now one step close to deploying your code at the edge, but what device best suits the specific application in which it is intended? With our industry insight and technology know how, our experienced team members have the ability to supply the ideal solution taking into account I/O requirements, environmental extremes and any industry specific certifications that you may require.

Case Study

Protex AI

Protex AI use AI-powered technology to enable businesses to gain greater visibility of unsafe behaviours in their facilities. The privacy-preserving platform plugs into existing CCTV infrastructure and uses its computer vision technologies to capture unsafe events autonomously in settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities and ports.

"At Protex AI we require edge devices to deploy an on-premises, secure platform to our clients. Some of these clients require tailored solutions with a range of compute demands. We use Impulse Embedded to supply purpose-built hardware for our deployments. Impulse's remote testing platform has played a valuable part in helping us meet our hardware needs, they're quick to get us up and running on a remote system to benchmark the latest devices, thus enabling us to select the best device for our needs."
Matt Moynihan - Protex AI

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Remote GPU System Benchmarking