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Process control and SCADA is a complex subject matter due to the amount of different machines, devices and protocols found in the modern factory. Impulse offer a range of integrated device and machine connectivity solutions from simple device servers, protocol gateways and industrial Ethernet products. We also build, configure and deliver panel PCs, HMIs, automation computers and rack servers on a weekly basis.
Our Senior Technical Manager Chris has worked with SCADA and Process Control for over 20 years.
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With the advent of IIoT visualising process data in a modern manufacturing environment can happen in the control room, the factory floor or even the home. Impulse offer a range of large format displays, panel computers, ruggedised tablet and rack computers to help process and display data required for both the IT and OT layer. We partner with world leading vendors offering hardware and software solutions for cloud & IIoT projects integrating MQTT and AWS and Azure clients.
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Data collection
Collecting data from multiple sources using our hardware would be a lot more difficult without value added software which we can also provide. Moxa's Active OPC UA and Advantech's Web Access are great examples of software designed to make the life of a control engineer easier. They both allow seamless integration of factory floor data collection hardware into your existing SCADA platform.
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Operator terminals
The place where humans and machines combine is critical for both machine builders and end users. Whilst Industry 4.0 pushes processes to become more automated there is still a real need for the operator to view and control critical variables on the factory floor. Impulse offer a wide range of HMIs from traditional 4:3 aspect and small form factor units through to more modern 16:9 widescreen capacitive touch variants offering consumer style pinch and swipe control of the GUI.
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Gateways & Connectivity
Serial, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, DNP3, Profinet, Profibus, CAN, EtherCAT, TwinCAT, SERCOS, Ethernet Powerlink, CC-Link. Above are just some of the protocols our data acquisition, I/O, gateway and computing products support. If you want to learn more about the machine and device connectivity solutions we offer please get in touch.
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Sensor Interface
The need to measure and control the operation of machinery or process equipment is as old as the Industrial Revolution. Plant instrumentation has now become the nerves and brain of the modern manufacturing plant. Instrumentation allows the use of processes which would be difficult or impossible to operate without automation. Analog measurements take many forms and obtaining, maintaining and improving the quality of these measurements is the goal of proper signal conditioning.
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Our panel computers and industrial networking devices help manufacturers produce packaging for the worlds leading brands.
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