Bespoke IP69K panel PCs provided for demanding food manufacturing infrastructure

Due to extreme temperatures and constant moisture exposure, maintaining the performance of industrial computers in the harsh environments of food processing factories can be a challenge.
One of the UK’s largest food manufacturing companies, who operate a number of state of the art food manufacturing plants throughout the UK, approached us with a project that involved an upgrade to multiple touchscreen panel PCs for processing lines in order to maintain and optimise overall performance and decision-making on the plant floor.

Because of the harsh environment and sub-zero temperature shock involved in hygienically cleaning food production equipment, it was paramount that the panel PCs conform to IP69K ingress rating and were also capable of withstanding wide temperature extremes. As chemical wash down is also a daily process in this environment, high grade SUS316 stainless steel was required for the panel PC chassis to ensure corrosion was not an issue.

The hardware needed to be capable of tolerating these extreme conditions without compromising functionality and display resolution, as well as being fully integrated into existing systems and cabling.

The solution

Our experienced Technical Account Managers offered a panel PC solution from Axiomtek, which boasted a fully IP69K rated SUS316 stainless steel enclosure capable of enduring the harsh chemical cleaning and freezing temperatures of the processing plant.

One of the main project challenges was the existing site infrastructure. Since there were some challenges in fitting standard panels within the existing production lines, our design engineers had to liaise closely with our manufacturing partners to provide a bespoke solution for our customer, incorporating custom I/O ports and waterproof cables to accommodate the pin outs of the various peripheral devices and power supplies used at each site. This allowed the same panel PCs to be used at each site, giving commonality of spares, whilst also giving flexibility in connectivity allowing each site to continue to use their own unique scanners, weight scales and RFID platform.  

These bespoke panel PCs were then packaged as a unique bill of materials for ease of future ordering and delivered on-time for installation into the manufacturing processing lines.

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