IoT Management Solutions with Agent MaaS Suite (AMS)

  • Integrated industrial IoT management system for Axiomtek devices
  • Provides simple device and data management, system information, and hardware statuses
  • Instantly view the status of all operating equipment, configuration settings and events
The Agent MaaS Suite (AMS) from Axiomtek is an integrated industrial IoT management system providing plug-ins for standard protocols, device settings and monitoring, event detection and notification for their range of computing and communication devices.
The Agent MaaS Suite (AMS) contains two packages depending on their operational role and requirements:

  • AMS.AXView 3.0 for local system device management
  • AMS.MaaS (Management as a Service) for remote multi-device management

As well as supplying simple device and data management, AMS.AXView 3.0 can provide system information, monitor hardware statuses, such as temperature, voltage, fan speed, and I/O ports. For data management, AMS.AXView 3.0 integrates many protocols and development software tools enabling the user to design convenient data processing and flow processes.

The role of AMS.MaaS is to manage multiple hardware devices which have AMS.AXView 3.0 installed, and to integrate all machine information so that the administrator at the remote control centre can instantly view the status of all operating equipment, configuration settings and events.

The intelligent AMS software can automatically identify most hardware platform models from Axiomtek and remotely monitor hardware conditions, I/O interface status and system usage. It also can trigger alarms when unusual situations are detected.

AMS is very suitable for SI, OT, IT professionals, makers or anyone who needs an easy-to-build POC platform to verify concepts or add more functions. AMS is also developed into a web-based service so that through the Internet and browser users can manage their devices and systems anytime and anywhere.

Advanced Features

  • Device Configuration
  • 24/7 Self-monitoring
  • Active Detection
  • Event Management
  • Protocol Plug-in
  • Node-RED Integrated
  • Built-in Dashboard
  • Create Nodes and Templates
If you wish to discuss Axiomtek's AMS solutions or your general IIoT system monitoring requirements please contact our technical sales team who will be able to assist you further.
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