WebAccess IIoT software platform by Advantech enables gateway-to-cloud connectivity

Selecting the right software is critical for successfully managing multiple applications in IIoT projects. With Advantech's WebAccess platform, the implementation of edge computing can be made easier.

An evolving SCADA solution for system integrators

WebAccess allows users to easily develop application projects and perform remote maintenance and monitoring control throughout the whole network.

Supporting various protocols and drivers, WebAccess has evolved from an HMI and SCADA software solution to an IoT software platform providing a gateway-to-cloud solution for system integrators for IoT and cloud based applications.

In order to effectively monitor Industry 4.0 services, a variety of cloud based features are needed for ease of connectivity to devices that:

  • Enable data visualisation from connected devices
  • Can perform seamless configuration of plug and play devices
  • Can carry out predictive multi-project maintenance

With Advantech's WebAccess, system integrators can use a dashboard editor to create customised information pages from multiple widgets like analysis charts and diagrams. WebAccess provides a unique experience that allows users to build their own bespoke information management platform, and, once the user has created their dashboards, data can be viewed seamlessly through any browser and on multiple devices like PCs and mobile devices. This provides ultimate visibility and allows users to simply and effectively monitor and control all of their IIoT applications and projects on the go.

Providing a wealth of data analysis and processing tools, Advantech’s WebAccess can transform information in to business insights in real time through the ability to connect to more than 450 controllers and devices.

WebAccess can collect data from:

  • PLCs
  • I/O modules
  • CNC network controllers
  • Video management devices
  • Computer platforms
  • Network equipment


This comprehensive industrial data collection enables the development of IoT solutions for various markets via a user interface based on HTML5 technology. 

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