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MediaSolutionsMonitor the status of remote IIoT devices with Mox...

Monitor the status of remote IIoT devices with Moxa’s ThingsPro cloud gateway

By combining two powerful software packages, ThingsPro Gateway and ThingsPro Server, ThingsPro2 by Moxa helps you create a smart interface to your remote IIoT devices, sensors, instruments and assets quickly and easily.
With very little configuration required, the combination of these packages provides you Modbus connectivity for data acquisition and processing, MQTT support for lightweight edge-to-core data transmission, a wireless manager for wireless networking configuration, and device management.

Further to this, by providing connectivity via the latest RESTful API, as well as Modbus API in C and Python, the ThingsPro suite enables you to develop software applications to further combine your informational data and operational technology, allowing you to extend or enhance the existing comprehensive capabilities of Moxa’s industrial IoT gateway.

ThingsPro Gateway

ThingsPro Gateway, an intelligent industrial IIoT gateway and ready-to-run data acquisition platform, makes data acquisition easy. With an intuitive web interface, allowing you to configure and manage Modbus data acquisition, LTE connectivity and MQTT communication, the ThingsPro Gateway transforms eligible edge computers into IIoT edge platforms, massively reducing the investment required to create IIoT applications.

Key features of ThingsPro Gateway:
  • Ready-to-run Modbus to MQTT functionality to simplify data acquisition tasks for industrial automation applications.
  • Modbus TCP/RTU gateway for acquiring data from your field devices.
  • Modbus slave support for easy integration with SCADA.
  • Cellular configuration and routing for convenient setup of LTE networking.
  • Modbus and RESTful APIs for rapid development.
  • Built-in support for popular IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers to boost integration of cloud-based data analysis applications.

ThingsPro Server

ThingsPro Server, a centralised development platform, is a device management platform for locating and remotely managing ThingsPro Gateways.

Key features of ThingsPro Server:
  • Map-view of field site gateways or devices for visual device and asset management.
  • Role-based account management to manage groups of gateways or devices by location or organization.
  • Organize maintenance tasks such as firmware upgrades with a task queue for better planned execution.
  • Offline configuration tool for mass deployment.

For more information click here to get in touch, or speak to one of our technical sales team by calling 01782 337 800.
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