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To your specification

With literally hundreds of options in our product toolkit, configuring and customising the perfect embedded platform has never been easier. Give us a brief and our Design Engineers will pull together a solution using their Industry Insight and Technology Know-how. We'll talk you through the options, understand your application, then put forward a bespoke proposal for you within your desired timeframe.

Our COTS and pre-qualified embedded systems cater for a wide range of Industrial applications, but when you need something specific, something bespoke, or something that's not been done before, that's when we get really excited.  

Core Platform
Choose from our vast array of core computer systems to kickstart your system design.
CPU, RAM, storage and much more. Select everything you need to make your application perform.
We can add or remove I/O to suit your application and add a multitude of wired or wireless connectivity options.
Change the colour and design of the device to suit your brand, even add your logo if required.
Specify your required OS and have us wrap your application software and OS together in a custom image.


Your first step to an engineered solution

Choosing your core platform is the first, and perhaps most important, step in the process. With thousands of COTS products at the disposal of our Design Engineers, we can help you narrow down your selection to the ultimate platform on which to develop your system and application. 

Just because space is tight, it doesn't mean you have to forgo on performance. Our Integrated Embedded Computers start at sizes small enough to fit in your hand, yet powerful enough to run modern applications, such as real-time AI algorithms processing multiple simultaneous HD camera feeds.
High Performance
What makes an Embedded PC "high performance" is perhaps somewhat subjective, but in most schools of thought the latest generation Core i and Xeon processors are definitely up there. We agree there are a few exceptions to this rule, so if you have something specific in mind we can jump into our product toolkit and find exactly what you need. 
Low Power Consumption
Utilising system processors such as the ARM Cortex-A7 ensures our systems can still run complex operating systems and applications, even when consuming less than 5W of power.
Modern workflows require cutting edge computing solutions. GPU accelerated embedded computers put a huge amount of computational power right at the network edge, allowing engineers to utilise the power of the latest RTX GPU cards to enable applications that were previously only possible using cloud computing. GPU accelerated embedded computers bring enhanced security, reduced cost, and real-time insights from your data.
I/O Packed
Our Embedded PC Systems can cater for a huge range of I/O requirements, starting from a single LAN and serial port right through to muliple PoE, with support for many different industrial control protocols. As the world is now wireless we also offer all types wireless options from LPWAN technologies to the latest cellular connectivity.
Railway, Marine, Petrochemical, and Medical are examples of industries where specific certifications are required to ensure safety when deploying systems. We understand how these standards affect component selection and testing, and despite these challenges we have thousands of successful deployments of embedded systems in these market sectors. Rest assured we can help with your project no matter where it's being deployed. 
If you need additional I/O or connectivity that can't be integrated into a standard motherboard, then a Box PC with additional slots for expansion cards is what you'll need. We have a bundle of options available, each supporting one or more expansion buses including PCI, PCIe, MezIO, and Advantech's iDoor. 
Memory and Storage
Component compatibility and reliability is paramount in embedded system development. We offer a wide range of DRAM and storage options that are pre-qualified to work with our computer hardware, and select only industrial grade components with specific features designed to increase reliability in embedded applications. These features help give you piece of mind when deploying embedded systems in the field. 
Peripheral cards and I/O
Our range of Embedded Computers come with a plethora of peripheral cards and I/O options available, including both off-the-shelf and proprietary options for additional comms, I/O, and storage. With our decades of experience designing and configuring embedded platforms, compatibility and reliability of your end system is assured.

Depend on our Embedded Systems



For a complete solution

Through a combination of skilled mechanical and software engineers in our dedicated workshop facility, along with trusted metalwork and CNC partners, Impulse can create a complete solution including software modifications, custom cabling, and housings.



Need a specific display output? Or need four LAN ports that aren't available on a COTS embedded computer which would otherwise work for your application? Your choice of I/O isn't limited by your core system. Through the long term relationships we have established with our global manufacturing partners we are able to commission custom I/O modifcations to COTS products, which are developed and tested directly at the factory before shipping to us in the UK. 

Read the Albeego case study


There's an old adage which goes, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing". In the Embedded space, clothing equals housing, and that adage rings true just the same. An appropriate chassis or housing is critical to ensure reliable performance of your Embedded System, and whether that means an IP rated housing, or a different chassis material for improved heatspreading, we will help ensure your system is fit to be deployed in its intended enviroment.



Sometimes it makes sense to go back to the drawing board with the design of an Embedded System. We still use COTS components to keep development time to a minimum, but we're not scared of thinking outside the box to deliver a system that fits perfectly into its allocated space. This is typical of update and retrofit programmes designed to keep aging assets up-to-date with modern computing technology.



Showcase your brand and have your system personalised. Whether that's a simple badge, a colour change, or a complete overhaul of the look and feel of your system, we cater for a whole range of customisations to suit every budget. 

What our customers say

"The brief we gave to Impulse was technically challenging and made harder by the timeframe which we set them to deliver a solution. The end result exceeded our expectations in terms of the solution's specification, performance and delivery date for the Albeego Pinion."
Simon Precious, CEO, Albeego Limited

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All of our systems are assembled, configured, and tested in our 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Staffordshire in the heart of the UK. 

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