How GMSL cameras can enhance the use of AI applications

News14 Nov 2022
Author: Chris Shaw
How GMSL cameras can enhance the use of AI applications

What is GMSL?

What is GMSL?

GMSL and GMSL2 (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) are multi-purpose, low-power interfaces for transmitting high-speed, high-resolution video, power, and bidirectional control data over coaxial cable or single twisted pair, which makes them ideal for many industrial and embedded imaging applications.  
GMSL guarantees signal quality up to 15 metres, while MIPI/CSI cameras are only suitable for short distances (300mm) which can be prohibitive for machine builders in embedded and industrial applications. As well as the performance benefits of GMSL and GMSL2, our manufacturing partner’s implementations use very thin coax, which makes cable runs easier, especially in automotive applications where space is at a premium. These cables then terminate to a small form factor IP67 HD camera sensor, supporting frame rates of 30FPS and depending on the specification of the sensor, typically a horizontal field of view from 41° to 197°. 

What are the benefits of GMSL in AI?

Aside from being a single long-length cable solution for easy installation and increased area coverage, the speed of up to 2Gbps (GMSL) and 8Gbps (GMSL2) allows for faster data transfer and low latency, a must-have when it comes to certain applications of industrial AI such as autonomous vehicles, and robotics in manufacturing.

GMSL is also ideal for AI-based vision applications that require continuous interaction with their surroundings like UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Which of our products can be used with GMSL cameras?

The Vecow EAC-2100 is an Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX embedded computer featuring four GMSL2 FAKRA-Z connectors on the front side of the system. Each camera connects to the computer through a single coax cable using GMSL2 connections, which are connected to a two-port de-serializer with the EAC-2100. The output of the de-serializer is then MIPI/CSI-2.  
The NRU-110V series is a Jetson AGX Xavier™ fanless computer from Neousys, supporting 8 x GMSL cameras on the front side. Each camera connects to the system through a single coax cable using GMSL. 

Our Embedded Systems Capabilities

Developing the perfect industrial AI computing solution can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. With our embedded system's capabilities, we can create reliable, repeatable, and robust systems to help reduce your costs and development time. With our team of in-house engineers and specialists, all with decades of experience, we can offer you fully deployable embedded Edge AI computing solutions that meet your individual specifications.  
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