We build specialist industrial computers

Embedded boards, box computers, panel computers, 19" rack computers, servers

Building innovative industrial computers since 1993

19" Rack PCs
Building rack computers is a daily occurrence for us. Our systems have been deployed in hundreds of different environments to meet countless different specifications and standards.

Our rack PC specialists have designed and built computers for use in warships, to engine test beds, and with a unique approach to rack system build with our Build to Order Service (BTOS), we also give added piece of mind as all of our rack systems are guaranteed for 3 years.
For a discussion on how we can help with your rack system project get in touch with one of our specialists.
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Box PCs
We've been building embedded box PCs since the early 90s. With a huge range of platforms to build on from general purpose industrial through to market specific units with rich I/O, we've built computers for Rail, Machine Builders, the Nuclear industry and Car Manufacturers so we have experience meeting certification and application demands.

Our Design and Build To Order Services (DTOS & BTOS), are a popular choice with customers who need modifications to standard, of the shelf products.
Contact us for assistance with your box and embedded PC project.
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We offer a wide range of system on modules, single board computers and industrial motherboards. Over the years we have supported many OEMs to 'design in' our products into wider subsystems.

Our board specialists can help with BIOS tweaks, embedded operating system imaging, board and LCD pairing and a whole range of peripheral devices.

Our process for build to order and design to order systems can be applied to all of our board products.
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Today's market is saturated with products and solutions to help develop embedded projects. An important consideration when choosing a computing solution is whether the device can handle the complex requirements of the application to deliver reliable performance and whether the operating system supporting the device is suitable for the project.

From Industrial PCs for large scale deployment to development boards for OEMs and machine builders, our ARM products can help advance your applications.
We've got a range of ARM computers available for demo, talk to us about your project, and let us help.
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Fog Computing
The Industrial Internet of Things is generating huge amounts of data from the myriad of intelligent devices and sensors found on the edge. Making use of this data for decision making and analytics typically means sending it northbound to cloud dashboards but is this really the best use of expensive data contracts and network bandwidth?

Fog Computing allows powerful, low power and often low cost computing platforms to be placed at the edge in order to pre process the northbound data whilst also providing near instant control decisions when required.

The industry is becoming increasingly more IIOT aware and as a result we have a unique understanding of benefits of Fog Computing and a broad and carefully selected choice of Fog Computing platforms. If Edge Analytics or Fog Computing is of interest we'd love to hear from you to discuss how we can work together to create solutions for IIOT.
Fog computing is advancing OT capability, lets work together on your next project.
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