Signal Interface Display simulator for testing new London Underground signalling system

London Underground signalling engineers required a number of panel PCs for temporary use as in-cab Signal Interface Displays (SIDs) in test trains, to allow the engineers to test the information being sent to the train from the new Thales computer-based signalling system.
The requirement was to deliver a panel PC for each test train to allow signalling engineers to independently test the information the new Thales signalling system was sending to the train, and drive the train on test nights and weekends. These displays show information such as current speed, speed limit, distance to the next stopping point and various other information such as door open commands.   
Impulse worked with London Underground to select a suitable panel PC from Axiomtek and built, configured, tested and delivered the systems on a very tight timescale to meet the demands of the project.    
The Thales computer-based signalling system is a big leap forward for the London Underground network and the millions of commuters that use it every day. It will allow trains to travel closer to each other, increasing the frequency of trains and subsequently increasing overall capacity on the sections of the network on which it is rolled out. Customers will start to benefit from it as early as 2018.

Although originally installed as a temporary measure, these panel PCs and their integrated software have since become a permanent fixture as testing continued, allowing the constant monitoring of information from the new signalling system. 

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