Custom rack PC designed to run specialist military simulation software

The requirement of this project was to design and build a number of custom rack-mount systems that were capable of running specialist military simulation software.
Our customer is a leading multi-national company specialising in simulation and training systems. They have a rich background in the defence, aerospace and transportation industries.

Instead of agreeing on a specific hardware configuration, the customer instead gave us a performance benchmark target which had to be met. Because the system would be linked to multiple large format displays, the system’s graphics card had to be capable of outputting video to multiple displays at high resolution, whilst being able to render the simulation environment at the highest frames per second possible.

After careful consideration, Impulse designed a solution that met the performance benchmark targets of the customer. By utilising the high performance Intel Core i7 processor, along with motherboard and NVidia graphics card, the system was able to display the application on multiple high-resolution displays whilst maintaining a minimum frames per second. Special modifications were required to handle the additional heat outputted from the high performance components. Additional cooling fans were fitted to move warm internal air out of the system in a quick and efficient way.

By agreeing on a performance based specification, rather than hardware based, we were able to produce systems with a much faster time to market. Our all-in-one solution also required minimal sourcing and purchasing efforts from the customer.
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Sep 2021
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