Top 5 industrial computing and IoT products of 2020

Author: James Gane
With the sheer number of products being distributed through our device supply service, along with industrial computers and embedded systems custom-built and configured in our dedicated ESD-protected workshop, our Design Engineers and Network Specialists get to experience a myriad of technologies and interesting features spread across countless and vastly varying industrial products every day.
This week I have canvassed opinion, and here are our 5 favourite products of 2020.

#1 : DS-082

Manufacturer: Advantech

Slim and powerful – two words which perfectly describe Advantech’s DS-082 ultra-slim digital signage platform. Boasting impressive 4K UHD graphics, four display ports, a 4 core, 8 thread 3.35GHz (max. frequency) CPU, and a cable-free design for easy and discreet installation behind displays, Advantech's DS-082 pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in such a compact unit.

Ideal for light industrial applications that are processor & graphics demanding, such as interactive kiosks, the DS-082 is very cost-effective, with its performance comparing to that of a Core i7 but without the price tag attached to the Intel platform.

Furthermore, one of the DS-082's most impressive features is its ability to run fanless, provided by its AMD Ryzen chipset, which is even more notable given its ultra-slim 19mm design, making the DS-082 one of the go-to digital signage platforms for our Embedded Systems team this year.

Configure DS-082 online

#2 : BOXER-8251AI

Manufacturer:  AAEON

With an impressive cost to performance ratio, the BOXER-8251AI Jetson Xavier NX-based fanless PC is an excellent offering from AAEON, boasting 10x the performance of its predecessor. With a footprint coming in at roughly the size of a credit card, Nvidia functionality in-built, and low power consumption (just 15W), the BOXER-8251AI has proved popular with customers looking to do a proof of concept for many types of Edge AI and embedded applications.

View the BOXER-8251AI

#3 : MDS-G4000 range

Manufacturer: Moxa

By looks alone, Moxa’s MDS-G4000 range of modular switches became an instant hit in our team, but the features of these units are really what propelled them onto this list. Beginning with their modular design, this feature gives near infinite flexibility for customers to build unique and focused combinations perfect for their application. Furthermore, if ports fail on any of the modules, a replacement can be made swiftly and easily.

One of the major talking points in the Impulse workshop has been the fact that the MDS-G4000 range is a linux-based system, much like Cisco’s offering, giving even more flexibility through reduced development restrictions.

View the MDS-G4000 range

#4 : GHF51

Manufacturer: DFI

Moving to Single Board Computers, the GHF51 from DFI is the second of two AMD Ryzen products on this list. This compact Femto-ITX 1.8" board is quite unique within its circle of competitors — another credit-card sized unit, the GHF51 packs a punch with a dual-core 2.6GHz base frequency processor, on-board 3200MHz LPDDR4 memory and Vega graphics that supports dual monitors. This is a really noteworthy product at the moment and one that is generating a lot of interest within our team.

View the GHF51

#5 : IW3S Stainless Steel Panel PC range

Manufacturer: Winmate

With its sleek, true flat design, Winmate’s IW3S Stainless Steel Panel PC range is undeniably good-looking, but the beauty is more than skin deep. Featuring Intel’s 8th Gen. Whiskey Lake 8265U 4 core 8 thread chip, the IW3S range offers a good performance increase for a full IP69K stainless steel panel PC. With IP69K panel PCs often being uninspiring to look at, and below-par in power, the IW3S range is a refreshing addition to our range.

View the IW3S range
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