LCD paired with a single board computer for a Marine Peli Case application



C-Tecnics, specialists in the design and development of underwater imaging and video recording systems, required a paired LCD and single board computer solution to be integrated into a Peli Case as part of a revolutionary underwater camera monitoring system.
"C-Tecnics have been working closely with Impulse spanning back 7 years, in tailoring a computing solution consisting of an industrial motherboard, solid state drives and a custom display for several C-Tecnics ruggedised case systems. The support received from Impulse on new solutions and technical support is greatly appreciated and highly recommended."
Scott Younger, Technical Manager, C-Tecnics
The new C-Vision system from C-Technics would be designed to allow remote monitoring of both inshore and offshore divers working in dangerous environments, with up to three streams being fed to remote health and safety experts who monitor the progress of the divers and ensure their safety at all times while they work. Onshore applications such as pipeline inspections, where remote video monitoring is essential, would also benefit from the C-Vision system. Made from injection-moulded Polypropylene copolymer, Peli Cases are high-impact, IP67 rated for dust and water ingress, and chemical resistant, and their overall ruggedness, range and reliability make them one of the most popular cases on the market.
With the customer’s requirement for the screen to be situated in the lid of the Peli Case, it was not possible to use a Panel PC for a number of reasons. Peli Case lids offer limited depth, so a panel-mounted Panel PC would not fit. Furthermore, the volume of cabling for the amount of I/O needed for the cutting-edge C-Vision system would be too large to be stored in the lid, so, to keep with the OEM look of the C-Vision system and IP67 rating, an embedded board would need to be located in the base and paired with a separate LCD screen.
To accompany the customer’s desired 15.6” LCD panel, our Design Specialists were tasked with identifying a suitable single board computer which would fit their requirement of high-power components with minimal heat production. A previous concept of the model used a 3.5” single board computer, but to minimise heat build-up and cost, the Impulse Design Engineers picked out a Mini-ITX single board computer which provided all the I/O the project needed, enough graphic power to support up to three simultaneous video streams, along with a reduced cost of ownership.
Due to the specific layout of the Peli Case, it was imperative that the customer’s cabling requirements were adhered to. After receiving the relevant measurements of the enclosure, the Impulse Design Engineers created and standardised a cabling solution, ensuring the required length and configuration of the cabling did not conflict with the electrical threshold of the technology. Screening was integrated with the cabling to stop any potential noise from interfering with other components, and after thorough endurance testing the kit of parts was signed off and prepared for mass-production.
The systems were designed and built to withstand the most rugged environments but, as with all our projects, we offered free, lifetime technical support, ensuring fast frontline support and quick turnaround on RMAs. Due to our large 35,000 sq. ft. facility, we were able to offer flexible call-off schedules, allowing C-Tecnics to benefit from purchasing economies of scale, fast turnaround of parts whilst maximising credit terms and product warranties.
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