LCDs with real-time power switching for HV substation installation

Our customer is a tier one system integrator in the substation automation market with many of the worlds TSOs and DSOs listed as their clients. They required a number of custom designed rack-mount LCDs for use in their HV substation projects.

Key requirements

One of the key requirements was a display solution that would allow power source switching to battery backup in real-time, without the need for an inverter. Due to the specific power requirements in different substations, our customer also needed a range of LCDs which could be powered by either a 48V, 110V or 220VDC supply . 
Impulse worked directly with our manufacturing partner to design the perfect display package for our client, factoring in size, resolution and aspect ratio into the choice of LCD panel, along with the important power options. Our customer also required a full technical file comprising of CE declaration of conformity,  test certificates and technical drawings for each of the models proposed, which Impulse managed in order to facilitate a quick time to market for our customers new products
As the nature of our customer's business is very project based it was difficult for them to commit to the normal quantities required with a bespoke product development. Working with Impulse's Design To Order Service Team and our long standing manufacturing partner has allowed our customer to purchase a product that perfectly meets their needs both technically and commercially, with very low MOQ, short lead team and most importantly ultra-reliable performance suitable for the harsh electrical environment within a substation. 
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