OS update enhances medical equipment for leading medical manufacturer

Leading global medical & commercial manufacturer Morgan Innovation approached us with a project to provide a long term solution in reducing the start-up times of their existing spinal nerve ablation machinery.
Due to unexpected outages with our customer’s existing hardware, an upgrade to their present windows operating system was desirable, with the means of incorporating low power consumption to reduce costs.

Radio frequency nerve ablation is one method of reducing chronic back pain which is administered through complex instruments that pass radiofrequency to the end of medical electrodes placed near the affected area. Nerves are subsequently destroyed or removed to cause an interruption in pain signals and reduce discomfort for patients.  

Because of this, the device had to conform to strict legislation, meaning that any industrial computing equipment installed in medical facilities had to be certified to MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) standards in the UK.

The current hardware had initially been supplied by another company, therefore we were required to enhance the existing specifications and adhere to project requirements that dictated a change to the current operating system incorporating a low power supply whilst remaining sensitive of low cost conditions.   

In order for connected LCD displays to accommodate the correct resolution for the output from the CPU board, custom updates to the current BIOS were implemented by our technicians in our dedicated system integration facility here at Impulse. A custom LVDS cable was also provided to ensure correlating pin out signals between the board and display. Due to this, updates to the current operating system were seamlessly configured allowing the required functionality to accommodate the desired start-up speeds.

As the project commenced, we wanted to alleviate any concerns about the hardware whilst in development, therefore we provided a demo-kit prior to completion of the project to allow for initial tests and measures ensuring that all of the hardware met certification standards.

Additionally, being able to offer stockholding for this customer helped to lower the cost and offer next day delivery on their call-off items giving them complete flexibility and peace of mind for the lifetime of their project. The hardware is now utilised in medical machinery in hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the world.

About Morgan Innovation & Technology Limited

Morgan Innovation & Technology Limited are a family run innovation company responsible for designing, developing and manufacturing innovative products for the medical, defence and commercial industries. Since the late 1980s Morgan Innovation & Technology have been supplying medical technology to the NHS and other medical institutes throughout the world. They are also multi-award winners, receiving recognition for their work for innovation & technology, including two Queen's Awards for Enterprise.

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