Single rack-mount computer aids multi UAV control server for aerial site intelligence application

Our customer, a leading manufacturer in the defence and security sector, required a single rack-mount chassis to house four separate computers, each with high performance system architectures, specific connectivity requirements and redundancy options designed as a multi UAV control server for an aerial site intelligence application.
To house the four systems we determined that the only way it was possible with the functionality that our customer required, was to use an Advantech PICMG multi segment backplane.  We specified a Quad Segment backplane, and a Latest Generation PICMG1.3 SHB which supported the UEFI 2.5 BIOS and embedded TPM module as specified by the customer.

Due to an increase in the storage required within this system, we were able to specify the Operating System Drive as an onboard M.2 NVMe SSD, and also accommodate 2 x 2.5” SATA III SSDs per system using hotswap drive caddies.

We integrated a high performance PCIe RAID controller for each System Segment which allowed for a consistent data transfer rate to the SSDs of 1.2Gbps.

The software to be used was advised to have a high RAM requirement, so we specified an SHB model which allowed for 32GB per system of the latest DDR4 memory. We were able to offer the complete solution within a 4U Server Chassis, providing all of the computer requirements along with redundant power supply in a compact system design.

Complete solution

Advantech PCE-5B16Q-02A1E Quad Segment backplane allowed for four systems to be housed in a single rackmount chassis, along with Advantech’s PCE-7129G2-00A1E 6th Generation SHB which supported high end i7 CPU, 32GB memory, onboard M.2 NVMe superfast storage, UEFI 2.5 BIOS and integrated TPM module.

Advantech’s IPC-623BP-00RBE case specifically supported Quad segment backplane and provided 4 separate reset buttons.  Unique design allowed for 810W 3+1 Redundant PSU for complete protection for the systems meaning that all the customers’ requirements were met with a total solution from Impulse Embedded.
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