USB-to-serial converters to allow critical updates for nautical navigation solutions

A leading distributor of navigational solutions and marine specific digital products needed a solution that gave software engineers access to perform critical updates to on-board navigational software systems.
Owing to the location and housing of the navigational screens, the engineers experienced increasing difficulties in accessing concealed ports located at the rear of the various panel computers. Previously, so that the engineers could successfully carry out the updates, they would need to remove each panel pc in order to access the required ports. This meant that the work was often time consuming and laborious.

Stable pricing and longevity of supply was also a key focus for this project, something which previous suppliers had been unable to accomplish.

To allow engineers easy access to perform updates to the software, Impulse recommended a Moxa USB-to-serial converter, perfect for computers without a serial port and for engineers who need to connect different serial devices in the field, or separate interface converters for devices without standard ports or connectors.

Specialist distribution

Moxa’s UPort converters provide plug-and-play serial device connectivity without having to install new adapter boards, which usually requires opening of computer/server chassis, therefore directly addressing the problem faced by our customer.  In addition to this, a unique driver allows the UPort to retain COM port numbers when they have been unplugged and then reconnected again, even into a new USB port.

In order to facilitate their requirement for longevity, Impulse also provided scheduled ordering and stock holding, free of charge, for the total 100-200 units they required. This scheduled ordering facility allowed the customer to place one large order, guaranteeing stable pricing, reducing costs due to the economy of scale, and allowing for next day delivery on units in the event of unit failure or new installations.

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