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The Power & Energy industry has particularly demanding criteria for technology investments. With its critical role in the infrastructure and maintenance of most societies it follows that performance and reliability are prime considerations in the choice of technologies and development of solutions for computing, control or communications.

Working with OEMs and service companies, Impulse combines expertise with technology partnerships to offer class-leading devices and solutions for the Power & Energy industry.

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A digital revolution in the Power and Energy sector is paving new ways of monitoring and controlling power generation, transmission and distribution assets. Renewable energy, home power generation and electric vehicles are comparative new-kids-on-the-block, but need to be properly monitored and controlled to ensure the stability of our energy grid. From substation automation and retrofit, to renewable energy and electric cars, we have devices suitable for many types of monitoring and control systems.
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Substation Automation
Substation Automation Systems (SAS) use a mixture of local data acquisition and control and remote access in order to monitor and protect the power system. Impulse partner with leading manufacturers in SAS ready computing, communication and control devices. With one of the UK's broadest range of products suitable for integration into substation control systems, we bring old and new technology together to drive interoperability and innovation.
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Solar PV Monitoring
Monitoring photo-voltaic (PV) power plants can be challenging, as they typically include inverters, convergence boxes, power distribution cabinets and other equipment, usually manufactured by different vendors using different protocols. PV plant operators need a way to collect, transmit and store data so it can be easily accessed, understood and, if necessary, acted upon. Our specialists enjoy nothing more than discussing computing and control products and finding solutions for your project, so feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.
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EV Charging
EV charging infrastructure owners require a reliable way to remotely manage their assets and collect billing information from their network of charging stations. Remote power management allows businesses to optimise output based on demand and time of use (TOU) energy costs. Advanced power meters in individual charging points can be collectively connected to an IIoT gateway, which allows usage and power status data to be easily sent to a cloud dashboard for historical analysis and control.
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Monitoring and control
Wind turbines require complex controls to optimise power output while ensuring that the rated power is not exceeded in high wind conditions. Data acquisition and control is used to gather data such as wind direction and speed, and adjust pitch and yaw to ensure optimal operation. Vibration analysis, temperature monitoring and acoustic measurements are all applied as part of remote condition monitoring systems designed to reduce the likelihood of costly repairs and equipment failures.
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Products for a Smart Grid
Our handpicked products to help drive innovation in the Power sector
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Bridge edge devices to the SCADA system with Moxa’s MX-AOPC UA Suite
Process Control and ...
Combining the MX-AOPC UA Server, Viewer, and Logger, the MX-AOPC UA Suite provides a centralised, intuitive, secure and reliable framework to allow you to bridge edge devices to the SCADA system.
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4-in-1 Data Acquisition: Remote I/O Ethernet Switch, Modbus Gateway, Data Logger
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