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Impulse provides industrial computing, data acquisition, wireless sensor nodes and signal conditioning for accurate, robust testing and measuring of equipment.

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Why measure?
Why measure?
“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of meagre and unsatisfactory kind.” Lord Kelvin, Scientist 1824 - 1907.  Impulse offer the following products for test and measurement engineers: fully configured rack systems, data acquisition and control devices, signal conditioning modules, HMIs and displays.
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Wide scale adoption of interconnected measurement in the food industry could vastly improve losses in processing, storage and transport resulting in a more efficient supply chain to cope with ever increasing global demand. Distributed sensor networks taking advantage of modern LPWAN technologies can measure temperature, humidity, PH and I/O points easily and affordably making it cost effective to introduce near real-time monitoring systems into the supply chain.
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Engine test
Are you developing a new test cell or updating an existing system? Do you need to control your dynamometer and include real-time data acquisition all in the same platform? We offer a range of data acquisition and control platforms alongside powerful and easy to implement software which will accelerate your development. We can build the host PC to industrial standards and even setup and supply the network infrastructure for a multiple cell environment. Talk to one of our specialists about what we can offer.
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Proud to represent Dataforth
Dataforth Corporation is the world leader in high-quality, reliable data acquisition, signal conditioning and data communication products and devices for industrial applications, including test and measurement, process control and automation. Impulse have been distributing and supporting Dataforth’s complete range of products since 1994 and our customers rely on their devices to analyse, protect and monitor their valuable industrial hardware and data.
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Did you know?
Our signal conditioning modules and data acquisition systems have been used extensively in the engine test industry in both rail and automotive applications.
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