NavigateWorx is a dedicated IIoT / M2M hardware manufacturer and solution provider. Since their establishment at the forefront of the evolving IIoT / M2M Industry, NavigateWorx products have been widely used in different vertical markets including:
  • Power and Energy applications such as Wind Turbine Generator Monitoring
  • Retail for Vending Machines and Kiosks
  • Smart City applications such as Video Surveillance
  • Environmental applications induing Weather Station Remote Monitoring
  • Intelligent Traffic and Transportations Systems
  • Industrial Automation such as Package Machines Remote Monitoring

With a broad global distribution network, their routers have been shipped to more than 80 countries wordlwide, and the team at Impulse are proud to contribute to that effort by supporting customers here in the UK IIoT / M2M Market.

Impulse are the sole UK distributors for NavigateWorx
NavigateWorx industrial cellular and wireless products are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe, with Impulse being the sole partner in the UK dedicated to delivering and supporting these high quality, cost-effective Industrial IoT products.
Dedicated to Industrial IoT
NavigateWorx have one focus — delivering quality, rugged cellular and wireless connectivity to the world of Industrial IoT.
Feature-rich and cost-effective
When it comes to cost-vs-features, the NavigateWorx range is unparalleled, delivering most of the functionality of high-end products at a fraction of the price.
Fast, dedicated support
NavigateWorx prides themselves on fast, first line support. Their focused product range shares similar building blocks, making technical support solutions quickly accessible by their support team for speedy resolution.

The latest NavigateWorx products

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Richard B.
Given we're in the middle of a global components shortage, the team at Impulse have gone out of their way to ensure our strict supply requirements are met. To this day, Impulse remain to be a cornerstone supplier and partner for our business.
Sep 2021
+44(0)1782 337 800