Increase distances in Intelligent Transportation Ethernet installations without prohibitive wiring and installation costs

Extending and upgrading Intelligent Transportation systems sometimes require options for extending Ethernet communications beyond 100 metres, a limit outlined in the IEEE 802.3-2015 Ethernet standard.
There is a common yet incorrect belief that the limit of 100m for Ethernet communications came about because of CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multi Access / Collision Detection network) issues. It is thought that 100m is the optimum length for when a 64 byte frame (the shortest possible frame size) can be sent and if a collision occurs, as the sending node will still be sending that frame when it detects the collision. In fact, according to the IEEE 802.3-2015 Ethernet standard, the reason behind the limit is due to the use of existing twisted pair cabling - 100m was deemed the maximum length that still satisfied parameters like attenuation and crosstalk:

"The medium for 10BASE-T is twisted-pair wiring. A significant number of 10BASE-T networks are installed utilizing in-place unshielded telephone wiring and typical telephony installation practices, the end-to-end path including different types of wiring, cable connectors, and cross connects must be considered."

"Each simplex link segment shall have the following characteristics. All characteristics specified apply to the total simplex link segment unless otherwise noted. These characteristics are generally met by 100m of twisted-pair cable composed of 0.5mm [24 AWG] twisted pairs."

By using the IEX-408E-2VDSL2 Ethernet extender from Moxa, which uses auto negotiation, Smart Speed Detection and redundancy options, along with new or existing two wire cabling, Impulse can help design an Ethernet solution with communications up to 3km.

By implementing this Impulse solution you can:

  • Lower wiring and installation costs by using existing two wire cabling or installing new cheaper than fibre optic cable
  • Increase distance of communications up to 3km using 2-wire cable with high reliability
  • Provide easier installation due to auto negotiation
  • Increase DSL performance

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