Increase server scalability with Advantech’s ASMB server boards

As we experience a shift towards cloud computing, network bandwidth and computing power have to be adequate enough to enable significant exchanges of big data between edge computers and cloud servers.
Advantech's latest series of ASMB server boards have been designed to aide system integrators in facilitating this shift by accelerating deployment, easing system management, and providing enhanced virtualisation. Furthermore, with support for up to 4 GPU cards, these boards are ideal for performance heavy imaging and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications.

More computing power for faster data transmission

Advantech's latest series of ASMB server boards, powered by scalable Intel® Xeon® processors with up to 28 cores, provide an impressive 1.5-fold increase in computing capability compared to previous Xeon® processor generations. Supporting 10GBase-T Ethernet, these boards offer fast and accurate data transmissions with up to 10 times faster data transmission speeds.

Increased memory and improved performance

In a variety of form factors including ATX, EATX, and proprietary versions, Advantech’s ASMB series utilises dual-processor and uniprocessor server boards to satisfy a variety of applications, such as intensive imaging or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications requiring the use of multiple GPU cards.

The new ASMB boards support DDR4 RDIMM (registered DIMM) and LRDIMM (load-reduced DIMM), for a total memory capacity of up to 1.5 TB for specific models.

Accelerated processing and redundancy with intelligent storage innovations

Advantech’s ASMB server boards feature Intel's Volume Management Device (VMD) technology, giving you the flexibility to utilise NVMe, SSDs, RAID, and hot-swapping storage configurations. Alongside this, Intel's Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) software, included with all Advantech ASMB server boards, makes monitoring and management simple with NVMe RAID status shown clearly on an LED indicator. System bootup time has also been accelerated with the support for OS installation on an M.2 SATA device, and for mission critical applications, OS redundancy can now be achieved on some ASMB boards via OS mirroring of dual M.2 SATA devices.

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