Modern dairy farming challenges addressed with Sealevel’s technology solutions

Dairy farming has progressed in recent years owing to innovative technology solutions that are paving the way for the rise in modern dairy farm and herd management.

The somewhat primitive nature of dairy farming is now becoming a thing of the past since these technology solutions are replacing the once labour intensive tasks of traditional milking and herding.
With this in mind, leading manufacturers are now bringing cutting edge digitalised electronic milking systems to the dairy farming industry, making digital dairy farming much more commonplace.

With this change is the need to help solve the challenges raised by the demands placed on these systems with ruggedised hardware that integrates effortlessly with sophisticated software solutions, ultimately aiming to increase labour efficiency, improve animal welfare and farm management and positively affect the bottom line. 

Typical application requirements:

  • USB to RS-422 and RS-485 serial interfacing
  • Terminal block adapters to connect field RS-485 wiring to multiple serial ports
  • Custom installation drivers to allow for ease of integration
  • Specific COM port recognition, ordering and numeration requirements

The Sealevel Solution

With Sealevel’s USB-to-serial devices, users can send and receive critical data from multiple dairy meters and devices to then be transferred to integrated software programs allowing for crucial data evaluation and process management.
Sealevel’s SeaLINK 2402-TB4 and 2107 USB serial I/O adapters provide multi-drop RS-422 and RS-485 serial ports with built-in USB connectivity, ensuring smooth integration with existing legacy systems that have non-USB compliance allowing them to be easily monitored and controlled. Furthermore, Sealevel’s software engineers can also work with OEM’s to design custom programs capable of meeting unique COM port assignments required for a variety of demands in automated dairy farming applications without the need for operator input.

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