Remote Wireless Condition Monitoring for legacy devices

Oil fields require monitoring of field site environments, such as wellheads, which often include legacy devices spread over large physical areas. Connectivity to these legacy devices is likely limited by incompatible I/O, and to physically install a network to allow communication across an entire field of systems is cost prohibitive for both initial set up and ongoing maintenance.
Impulse can provide a combination of the Moxa NPort IAW5250A-6I/O wireless serial device server along with Moxa Access Points (APs), which as a solution reduces wiring costs, provides flexible connectivity and allows straightforward set up and maintenance via a web-based UI.

The Moxa NPort IAW5250A-6I/O offers wireless connectivity, serial device server and digital I/O in a compact form factor, allowing legacy devices and I/O to communicate over WiFi. RF coverage to wellhead sites is then taken care of by Moxa APs with suitable antenna arrangements, giving you a complete remote wireless condition monitoring solution to bring your entire suite of systems together.

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