Save time and ensure consistency across multiple configured systems

Configuring computer systems can be time consuming and repetitive, especially when a large number of systems are required. Additionally, when configuring multiple systems human error is a factor that can drastically affect setup times and introduce increased troubleshooting and debugging requirements later in your project.
With the Impulse Golden Image service, Impulse Embedded can configure and/or deploy a master image which contains all the basic settings, such as registry changes, database files and other configuration settings required by your application across your entire range of embedded systems. Impulse can also embed your latest application software into your image meaning your systems arrive configured and ready to go right out of the box.

Your master image is stored safely at the Impulse facility, meaning if you are using Impulse's scheduled call-off facility, or are expanding your range of systems in the future, your master image can be deployed to your new system rollout with little or no additional configuration time. Should you change or upgrade your hardware, the Impulse engineers can help advise on any changes needed to the master image and implement them during future releases.

Key benefits of the Impulse Golden Image service:

  • Significantly reduce configuration time
  • Minimise risk of human error
  • Free up time of engineers normally tasked with configuration
  • Speed up deployment of new systems
  • Firmware and BIOS modifications

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