Upgrade old railway communication systems with Moxa’s ioPAC 8600 and MAR-2000 onboard devices

The refurbishment of older trains can be costly and challenging. Not only does existing cabling take up valuable space prohibiting the installation of a more modern framework, but limited numbers of coupler poles and communication bandwidth restrictions can also impede upgrades to legacy communication hardware.
By combining Moxa’s ioPAC 8600 series onboard programmable controller with their MAR-2000 series train-to-ground gateway to make an “all-in-one” solution, you can bypass these limitations and, utilising the typical existing 2-wire installations found on older trains, support the 100 Mbps network speeds found on newer and refurbished trains. Furthermore, this solution allows interoperability with existing systems, giving complete control and visibility across new and legacy onboard devices. 

Utilising existing 2-wire technology for 100 Mbps Ethernet/IP

Due to a finite number of coupler poles it is often difficult or even impossible to install Ethernet/IP technology into older trains. By utilising the existing 2-wire architecture of older trains the Moxa ioPAC 8600 allows system integrators to deploy Ethernet technology and support 100 Mbps network speeds with vastly reduced installation costs and effort.

To further reduce setup time and effort, the ioPAC 8600 also supports ACS functions directly in the new IP network, making it virtually effortless to replicate the automatic carriage sequencing function found in traditional CANbus or RS-485 topologies.

Additionally, by aggregating up to two trunk groups with daisy-chained 2-wire connections, the ioPAC can double network speeds up to 200 Mbps, providing even more flexibility when setting up your network connections.

Enhancing train-to-ground communications with one low cost and compact device

For space restricted trains it is often difficult to provide the essential train-to-ground communication required in today’s rolling stock. Moxa’s MAR-2000 series communication gateway is a 3-in-1 router, computer and modem which offers EN 50155 compliant bi-directional train-to-ground communication in a compact form factor.

The MAR-2000 provides a high-bandwidth gateway which automatically switches between wireless connections based on defined switching policies, and also offers a programmable platform which allows you to deploy your own debian-ARM program directly into the device.

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