Join us at the Advantech Connect - Online Conference

Author: Craig Stone
Join us at the Advantech Connect - Online Conference
In the first of a regular series of blog posts, our Commercial Director, Craig Stone expands on the upcoming Advantech partner conference and how our customers can get involved.
Greeting from Impulse HQ, and as this is the first blog post I have done for our new website, I thought I'd start by providing a link to my profile page on our site, so you have a little background on me.

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As many of our customers know my day to day work here at Impulse is quite varied, but part of the role I really enjoy is working with our technology partners. So, when sitting down to write this post, I thought I'd start with talking about how our customers can get a greater insight into one of our premier partners, Advantech.

Many of our customers will be familiar with Advantech name, but for those that aren’t, Advantech are a global company that are renowned for their Advanced IoT Intelligence systems and embedded platforms. So why did I chose to talk about Advantech in this post, well it's the timely news that their global partner conference, called Advantech Connect starts on 24th February.

Now some may wonder why customers would be interested in a partner conference, well this year's event is a little different, I'm pleased to say that the virtual doors have been opened and the conference is now accessible to our customers.

In what is arguably the largest online conference in our industry, the event will take place over three-months with an international series of events. Advantech Connect aims to share how organisations can co-create the future of the IoT world together with Advantech. The attendance is expected to be over 30,000 strong this year, and this upcoming virtual conference aims to bring together global c-suite executives and technical leaders in order to innovate and collaborate on how best to leverage IIoT and AIoT solutions to tackle current challenges around the world.

I'm pleased that Advantech have extended the invitation a little wider this year and welcome our customers to register for the event so you can also take in some of the talks and presentations that are on offer all for free. To make it easy to register, I've added the link below and it just takes a minute to fill in a few details and then you are all set.

Register here

To give you are flavour of what to expect, Advantech Connect will commence with a visionary keynote from Advantech CEO KC Liu, who will share a number of industrial IoT insights and strategies to help attendees discover new growth opportunities and accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Following the kick-off event, the conference will then be divided into a series of themed sessions and feature more than 100 speakers from around the world. The full agenda is shown below:
So what am I looking forward to the most from this event, well in a world where technology implementation is becoming more than just a question of providing hardware or software in isolation, collaboration between companies in an eco-system has become paramount to the success of implementing many industrial solutions. So as a collaborative model forms the backbone of Advantech’s strategy of Co-Creating the Future of the IoT World and Accelerating Digital Transformation, I will be eager to hear from the array of ecosystem partners that are being featured in the various talks and presentations.

So to wrap things up, if you are looking to accelerate your own business’s digital transformation or simply want to learn more about how AI, 5G, cloud computing, and edge intelligence can revolutionise your industry or business. Then I would certainly recommend the Advantech Connect online conference as a great way to gain further information and insight.

That's me done for now, but I look forward to sharing more blog posts in the coming weeks.

All the best

Craig Stone
Commercial Director
Impulse have long standing technology partnership with Advantech, who are regarded as the world’s #1 manufacturer in the indutrial computing sector, we support customers here in the UK with a range of Advantech industrial computers and embedded systems along with a wide range of Advantech industrial communication and connectivity devices. Learn more about how we work together on our dedicated Advantech Partner Page.
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