Battery powered LCD panel and compact box PC for use in high brightness car showroom environment

The requirement of the project was to help design and integrate a computer and touchscreen LCD display solution for use in a car showroom kiosk environment, to help our client provide a more modern and interactive customer showroom experience, and to reduce financial overheads.
Due to the bright environment of the car showrooms, a standard LCD was not suitable. Secondly, space and positioning restrictions meant that some terminals required a battery power source.

A high brightness LCD panel with matching A/D board was selected and paired in-house with a powerful and compact box PC with low power consumption and Intel HD graphics, allowing the solution to support the media rich content software whilst still running from battery power. Impulse supplied a custom cable loom which allowed easy integration into our customer's bespoke kiosk and, by using the latest ten point multitouch overlay, the user experience was slick and smooth like the modern consumer has come to expect.
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Richard B.
Given we're in the middle of a global components shortage, the team at Impulse have gone out of their way to ensure our strict supply requirements are met. To this day, Impulse remain to be a cornerstone supplier and partner for our business.
Sep 2021
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