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Impulse engineers and specialists have the industry insight and technology know-how to help UK rail industry integrators innovate with connectivity, communication and monitoring solutions.

Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in helping TOCs deliver the best possible customer experience while protecting tight margins and meeting regulatory demands. It also has a role to play in protecting staff and equipment.

With extensive experience in the sector, Impulse combines expertise with technology partnerships to offer class-leading devices to integrators who want reliable, repeatable and robust solutions.

Industrial devices for your application

As the average commuter carries at least two Wi-Fi enabled devices, operational technology is increasingly using Wi-Fi as a gateway to access engineering data on the railway. Whether you want to install passenger Wi-Fi or access condition monitoring data, we have a range of EN 50155 access points and bridges to enable your railway Wi-Fi project.
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Train Communication Network
Impulse partner with the world's leading manufacturers in on-train Ethernet products, and together with our team of networking FAEs, we are ready to discuss and advise on your ETB requirements. We have Layer 2 and 3 EN 50155 network switches with 24-110V DC power inputs, PoE and network management software to make integrating an Ethernet Train Backbone a lot easier than you think. Retrofit? No problem, talk to us about our Wi-Fi or Ethernet over existing cable technology.
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Whether you are installing CCTV for passenger security or you are a plant operator with a requirement to improve the visibility of your operations, we can supply, build and configure a system or bill of materials perfect for your application demands. We offer a wide range of EN 50155 and EN 50121 network video recorders, IP CCTV cameras and both layer 2 and layer 3 networking devices suitable integration into rail CCTV systems. Talk to our technical sales team for more information.
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Driver Advisory Systems (DAS)
Driver Advisory Systems (DAS) are becoming more prevalent on board UK rolling stock but it's not just scheduling data that can be displayed. Rail systems integrators can use our range of EN 50155 display, comms and computing products to develop systems to view engineering data, CCTV and DOO information in the cab or throughout the vehicle.
Our panel PCs and displays have been used on a number of high profile UK rolling stock projects.
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Condition monitoring
Real-time condition based monitoring in the rail industry is becoming more widely adopted as technology advancement allows for preventative asset maintenance thus reducing downtime and overall cost. Our data acquisition, networking and computer hardware is installed throughout the UK rail network.
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We supply hardware to a range of customers involved in ticketing for transport applications, from ticket machine builders to network infrastructure companies who require reliable and harsh environment Ethernet switches and device servers. We can also supply LCD panels, custom cables and embedded single board computers coupled with our technical design services to a range of machine manufacturers.
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Passenger information
With the most comprehensive range of embedded computers, boards and LCD displays in the industry, we are confident that we can help if you are designing a Passenger Information System (PIS). Additionally, we offer power supplies, custom cables and Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth peripherals backed up with our first class engineering and integration support.
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Rail-specific and certified products
Hand-picked EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 45545 certified rail products.
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Our hardware solutions have benefited millions of commuters on the London Underground.
Did you know?
We are part of the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS), which means we are already pre-qualified to work with you on your rail project.
Featured News
Railway cyber-security enhanced by multi-layer approach
Today, no organisation is safe from cyber-attack. Threats to businesses are becoming more complex and evolving rapidly. As railways are becoming increasingly dependent on digitalisation, with Internet Protocol (IP) used for devices like CCTV cameras and mission critical applications for train control systems, they also need to ensure that they are protected by implementing robust cyber-security.
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