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Impulse provides the computing, GPU and networking solutions to support successful projects for vision system and AI integrators.

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When it comes to Vision Automation, our core business is building specialist industrial computers for integrators to install into their clients' vision systems. Where we are not directly involved in the architecture of vision systems, we have decades of experience in the vision industry allowing us to fully understand the requirements of a typical vision application. If you require a specialist industrial computer for your vision project get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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Vision computers
When selecting a computer for use in a machine vision system there is always a trade off between performance, size, heat dissipation and the requisite I/O in order to create the solution for the task at hand. We can build any type of industrial computer from small form factor fanless embedded systems to fully featured 19" rack systems. If you are building a new machine and need a computer platform for the vision aspect, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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Peripheral cards
Frame grabbers maximise the rate of data transfer from the camera to the host computer and in some cases such as USB3.0 or PoE can also power the camera. Our products range from basic port extension cards with server grade NICs to intelligent PoE and ToE cards with onboard FPGA for zero CPU loading. Our motion control cards support functions from basic point-to-point motion, economic linear/circular interpolation to application specific demands.
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POE Switches and Injectors
If your machine vision camera requires Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) but your host interface doesn't support it then using a PoE switch or injector could be a viable solution. Impulse have a wide range of un-managed and managed ethernet switches along with a number of PoE injectors from our market leading partners Moxa and Advantech.
Not sure what you need to power your cameras and PoE peripherals? one of our networking specialists can help.
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The camera is at the core of every vision system ensuring that the right image for your application is captured every time. We offer a small range of cameras from Advantech and Neousys and our embedded computer systems are qualified with brands such as Basler, Pointgrey and Toshiba. If you need advice on cameras for your vision application we suggest contacting a specialist vision system integrator.
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Key Vision Automation product ranges
We can deliver products across the whole spectrum of Vision Automation applications
Did you know?
Our machine vision computers are installed at one of the worlds leading prestige car manufacturers.
Featured Case study
Flexible embedded vision computer for automated inspection systems
Embedded Systems
Our customer, a leading global system integrator who installs vision inspection systems onto automotive production lines, needed an embedded computing platform to use as their standard vision computer to improve production efficiency for a variety of applications.
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