Dataforth Corporation develop online demonstrations to allow real-time interaction with their MAQ20 data acquisition modules

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Author: Anthony Barham
Dataforth Corporation develop online demonstrations to allow real-time interaction with their MAQ20 data acquisition modules
The online demonstrations allow users to experience real-time interaction and grant users remote access to a MAQ20 system from anywhere.
The Process Simulator Interactive Demonstration hardware module acts as a process simulator, connected to a MAQ20 via their website which utilises the MAQ20 Python API and allows users to interact directly with the hardware using their web browsers.

Remote monitoring

In order to remotely monitor the weather, and obtain real-time reports Dataforth engineers connected a commercial weather station and its sensors to the MAQ20 at their facility in Tucson, Arizona. The demonstration utilises the MAQ20 Python API on the server to sample the MAQ20 and display real-time weather reports directly in the customer’s browser.

Once connected, the webpage source code uses AJAX to connect to the server and request the most up-to-date weather station data. A python application on the server polls the weather station MAQ20 every 2 seconds for real-time data.

Georg Haubner, Dataforth Sales and Marketing Manager says “We are very excited to offer these two demos to our customers because everyone can now experience the powerful MAQ20 Data Acquisition System from the comfort of their home or office.”

“We discussed these online demos in a recent webinar we presented,” Haubner continued. “They let interested and potential MAQ20 customers experience first-hand the versatility and flexibility of this powerful DAQ system. As we all know, we can’t always have a MAQ20 system sitting at our desks so the ability to access the system remotely is a significant advantage.”

View the MAQ20 Process Simulator demonstration

Customers interested in accessing the Process Simulator demonstration, can do so by visiting here, where, where full graphical illustrations of the system diagram and information on the source code can be found.

More information on the Remote Access Viewer can be found here including the MAQ20 Python AP source code, documentation, and further reference material including a graphic of the system diagram.
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