Deliver seamless connectivity for all consists automatically with Moxa's Dynamic Ring Coupling

A constantly adaptable consistent arrangement and coupling is paramount to an efficient rail network, and in traditional installations with this comes complications for rail operators when attempting to provide seamless connectivity for passengers and onboard passenger information services.
City based rail networks may wish to run more consists during peak hours than off-peak, adding and removing consists when required, and in traditional systems human interaction would be required to reconfigure onboard networks to cater for changes and additions to the network layout. Moxa’s Dynamic Ring Coupling automatically takes care of interchanging consist layouts, additional consists, and even consists with different destinations should they be on the same train for part of the journey.

Dynamic Ring Coupling, featured in Moxa’s range of EN50155 certified managed and unmanaged ToughNet Ethernet switches, detects changes to the network configuration and automatically configures new and existing consists without any human interaction required. What’s more, intra-consist networks are completely unaffected during and after reorientation, giving a constant and stable experience even when coupling switches are rearranged mid-journey.

This intelligent and automated system from Moxa allows you to provide uninterrupted delivery of onboard services reliably, efficiently, and effortlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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