Reduce deployment time and frustration with Moxa's Modbus to DNP3 conversion solutions

Throughout the process of a project deployment, system integrators will often face various challenges, from managing multiple requirements for bridging serial-based DNP3 to Ethernet-based DNP3, the demand to cross-convert DNP3 protocols to other protocols like Modbus, as well as utilising embedded computers for serial-to-Ethernet commissioning.

This can lead to projects becoming time consuming and frustrating.Moxa’s MGate 5109 serial-to-Ethernet gateway supports multiple Modbus to DNP3 conversions including Modbus RTU/ASCII, Modbus TCP, and DNP3 serial/TCP/UDP protocols, eliminating the need for multiple devices and reducing deployment time.

Address multiple protocol conversions on your DNP3 network

Distributed Network Protocol (DNP) is a set of communication protocols in process automation systems specific to the power & energy sector which has been used within this industry for over 2 decades.

Typically, protocol conversion can be challenging and time-consuming and since networks can be complex and require multiple devices using different protocols and interfaces, adoption of the DNP3 network has two distinct advantages:
  • Primarily, the DNP3 network is capable of supporting spontaneous responses meaning that field devices can send messages when a particular event happens
  • Secondly it supports aggregate features to allow data tracking regardless of frequency sampling

Because of industry demands, engineers may get side-tracked by managing protocol conversion instead of being able to perform the necessary task of system automation, and similarly may not be familiar with the protocol needed to solve specific communication issues. This can cause deployments to be lengthy and frustrating, inevitably leading to increased operational costs.

With Moxa’s MGate 5109 serial-to-Ethernet gateway and built-in Ethernet cascading, complete diagnosis information for crucial maintenance objectives can be achieved.  

Moxa’s MGate 5109 serial-to-Ethernet gateway

  • Supports Modbus master/slave and DNP3 master/outstation
  • Complete diagnosis information for maintenance
  • Embedded Modbus and DNP3 serial traffic monitoring
  • Serial port with 2 kV built-in isolation protection
  • Built-in Ethernet cascading for easy wiring

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