Remotely control and monitor digital signage with Sealevel's Relio R9

As the demand for information-ready services increases, the need for vibrant signage that operates 24/7 is becoming increasingly popular. Retail stores the world over are using attractive signage to emphasise their message and to build successful brand recognition whilst airports, train stations and other passenger infotainment systems (PIS) simply want to be able to deliver vital information robustly in real-time.
With this demand also comes the need to be able to remotely control and monitor signs and provide alerts to back-office servers in the event of full or partial failure, giving maintenance teams the ability to respond quickly, and minimising passenger dis-benefit.  

Sealevel has experience in providing custom embedded computers for various industry sectors. Their Relio R9, application-ready RISC-based platform can be modified to meet wide temperature ranges and facilitate unique customer I/O requirements. The system, based on the 200MIPS Atmel AT91SAM9263 microcontroller boasting a 32-bit ARM instruction set for maximum performance, is an ideal platform for embedded applications requiring low power computing, flexible I/O, a compact form factor and rugged exterior.
Typical application requirements

  • Relay outputs with current/voltage sensing
  • Optional Wi-Fi connectivity
  • RS-485 interface for secondary unit expansion
  • Wide operating temperatures
  • Remote monitoring and control firmware

The solution

In order to deliver accurate and reliable alert-based monitoring for digital signage, Impulse and Sealevel engineers can create custom systems to meet the various application requirements necessary for this type of application. Monitoring and controlling outdoor LED signage using a small RISC-based embedded I/O server platform like the Relio R9 allows for remote monitoring of the LED signage through an internet connection to an external host control system. Additionally, to remove the need for software updates, the unit can be supplied with application-specific firmware allowing the embedded I/O server to operate autonomously, reporting failure data from the LED signage and responding to control commands from the host.

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