Acquire data from unconnected devices with IoT Gateways

News22 Feb 2016
Industrial IoT Gateways enable connectivity of industrial devices and next generation intelligent infrastructure to the Internet/Cloud
Impulse offers a range of intelligent industrial IoT Gateways that allow our customers to seamlessly interconnect remote, legacy and next generation industrial infrastructure devices and secure data flow between these devices and the cloud. This ensures big data generated by sensors, embedded controllers and I/O devices can travel securely and safely from the edge to the cloud and back, without the need to replace existing infrastructure. This data can then be aggregated, shared and filtered for analysis.

Importantly, the adoption of IoT Gateways offers the ability to access previously hidden data from sensors, embedded controllers and I/O devices that can be valuable to a wide range of businesses processes and applications such as:
  • Remote monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Production optimisation
  • Building automation

Our team provide Industrial IoT Gateway solutions for customers in a variety of industrial markets including power and utilities, smart manufacturing and automation, intelligent transportation, highways infrastructure, building and factory automation and a range of other demanding industrial environments.
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Industrial IoT Gateway features and benefits

Small hardware footprintIdeal for space constrained environments
Low cost and long life cycleExcellent return on investment
Low power consumption and devices available with RTC batteriesIdeal for remote locations
Enable the remote and wireless connectivity of legacy devicesObtain previously unavailable data from legacy systems
Support a range of fieldbus, protocols and I/O to communicate with your existing devicesCross communication compatibility between different devices and protocols
Connect sensor nodes, embedded controllers or I/O devices up to the cloud and enterprisesData can be collated, analysed and utilised for monitoring and improvements
Pre-process filtering of selected data for deliveryReduces time needed to manually collate, analyse and filter data

Featured products

Industrial IoT Gateways available from Impulse
UC-8100 Series
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