Neousys Embedded Box PCs
Featuring CPU families from Xeon to Core, Atom to RISC.
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GPU Computing powered Autonomous driving platforms
Neousys released the first industrial grade GPU-computing embedded computer supporting high-end graphics cards, Nuvo-6018GC, which became a part of Baidu Apollo 2.0 open autonomous driving platform. It's designed to fuel emerging GPU-accelerated applications, such as artificial intelligence, VR and autonomous driving by accommodating nVidia GPU with up to 250W TDP.
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In-vehicle computing
In-vehicle computing solutions featuring patented thermal designs and high customisability, with application-oriented I/Os, rich connectivity, and various mounting methods. The range includes models offering E-Mark or EN 50155 conformity ideal for in-vehicle, train, railway and fleet management applications.
Neousys IN-Vehicle Devices
Powerful, patented machine vision technologies
Neousys provides powerful machine vision platforms featuring their patented technologies such as Deterministic Trigger I/O (DTIO) and NuMCU (based on MCU-based architecture). These enabling management of vision-specific I/O and programming of deterministic timing correlation between input and output signals in microsecond scale.
Innovative Mobile surveillance solutions
Neousys offers a range of fanless mobile surveillance systems to cater mobile surveillance applications such as transportation, vehicle to vehicle communication and law enforcement. Mobile video surveillance has gained immense popularity because of its adaptability which permits better security for buses, trucks and automobiles on public roads.

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