Single Board Computer Kits



Add as many components and features to your SBC kit specification as required, and this will be delivered to you assembled, configured, packaged, and controlled under one unique and repeatable BOM code.

Peripheral Cards
Operating System
Cable kit
Mecahnical Housing


With access to a product toolkit comprising hundreds of industry-leading industrial single board computers, memory, storage, I/O and peripheral cards, our Impulse Design Engineers can help transform your specification into a complete, out-of-the-box (OOTB) SBC solution to fit the exact needs of your application.

Core system
Single Board Computer
Choose from our comprehensive range of industrial-grade Embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs) so you can jump right into the world of embedded product development. All of our boards are manufactured to the highest standards and designed with flexibility and harsh environments in mind, giving you a reliable and scalable platform on which to build your embedded computing system.

Form factors include :
  • Pico-ITX
  • 3.5"
  • EPIC
  • PC/104
Memory and Storage
Component compatibility and reliability is paramount in embedded system development. We offer a wide range of DRAM and storage options that are pre-qualified to work with our computer hardware, and select only industrial grade components with specific features designed to increase reliability in embedded applications. These features help give you piece of mind when deploying embedded systems in the field. 
Peripheral cards and I/O
Our range of SBCs come with a plethora of peripheral cards and I/O options available, including both off-the-shelf and proprietary options for additional comms, I/O, and storage. With our decades of experience designing and configuring embedded platforms, compatibility and reliability of your end system is assured.


For a complete solution

Through a combination of skilled engineers in our dedicated workshop facility, along with trusted metalwork and CNC partners, Impulse can create a complete solution including software modifications, custom cabling, and housings.

Core tweaks
BIOS Modification
Impulse Software Engineers can customise BIOS and firmware for your SBC to improve system performance and reliability, reducing valuable time and cost should field failures occur. Our BIOS support capability includes custom default CMOS settings, ensuring your system is recoverable should power be lost, board to display BIOS support for specific LCD pairing requirements, and BIOS upgrades for new board revisions and backward compatibility issues. 

We can also provide re-distributable BIOS upgrades on USB sticks (using UEFI), allowing for system upgrades from the OS level, or even remotely. 
Operating System
Impulse Software Engineers are ready to help you create customised, application-specific operating system images to your exact requirements. With extensive tools, utilities and prototyping capability, our qualified team can provide cost-effective and fast imaging solutions for all major operating systems, and deploy them on any embedded hardware platform.
Mechanical Housing
Impulse works with a trusted partner to provide custom sub-assemblies, designed using AutoCAD or SolidWorks, to meet the requirements of the specification. If your application requires custom mounting, perhaps to fit an existing mount or chassis, we can design this into the sub-assembly to allow mounting with no alterations to existing fixings.

If you have application-specific electronics, such as interfaces and custom boards, these can also be integrated into the sub-assembly as part of the overall build.

Custom Cabling

Clean, reliable & repeatable

Custom cables can be designed and integrated for any component within an Impulse Single Board Computer Kit, such as  eDP and LVDS cables, along with backlight power cables, custom assemblies and customer peripheral cards. This can be provided as a complete umbilical cable which keeps airflow obstruction to a minimum and reduces the amount of connections required.

Custom Packaging

For that finishing touch

In order for you to receive your Single Board Computer Kit ready to deploy straight out of the box, we ensure custom packaging of all components of the kit, each with anti-static packaging and protected in robust foam sections to protect the kits in transit.  Each kit is then allocated a unique BOM code for repeatability and tracking of each sub-component.

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